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National Spa Week – Who’s got your back?

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National Spa Week – Who’s got your back?

10th -17th September

Are you ready to benefit from the message of National Spa Week – “more people into more spas more often” A fabulous objective for the industry but what about the practicalities of more people in your spa?

Have you planned for an increase in clients? Have you set your business goals for what you want to achieve out of the week. Could they be any or all of the following?

  • contributing to the health and wellness agenda
  • Promoting your treatments and facilities
  • increase revenue, reputation and brand awareness What are your goals for NSW?
  • contributing to the health and wellness agenda
  • Promoting your treatments and facilities
  • increase revenue
  • All the above?

Remember that people with disabilities can benefit enormously from using a spa as can those undergoing cancer treatment so include them in any operational plans.

National Spa Week should be the trigger for a review of your practices and procedures within the spa so that you are prepared for all eventualities that increased activity will bring.

With all this increase in activity who is covering your back? As the Spa owner or Manager only you can really cover your back – there is a great saying that “the uninspected inevitably deteriorates” Now will be a good time to review all your procedures you have in your business to ensure that what you believe happens actually happens. Some examples of procedures to check are:

  • Staff well being assessments - review the expectations you have of your team and ensure that their workload is manageable and unlikely to introduce stress and discontent.
  • Repetitive strain injuries to your therapists – have you considered the risk of increased musculoskeletal injuries to your therapists as they perform more treatments than usual, muscle strains, fatigue and stress
  • Fire Risk Assessments – have you had this reviewed by a competent person in regards to the anticipated increase in numbers of persons visiting including Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) for people with disabilities? Will your meeting area for fire evacuations accommodates the increase number of persons? Have you sufficient blankets, robes, coats, to keep people warm if you need to evacuate
  • Risk Assessments in relation to the number of Therapists and the increase in treatments; have you thought about any increased risk of slips, trips and falls, equipment misuse and injury? Have you reviewed your scheduling process and have a contingency plan in place for sickness and absenteeism? Are your risk assessments up to date? Are they legally compliant? Have additional hazards been assessed?
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health assessments (COSHH) – are there new products that are being offered? Have you carried out an assessment for skin irritation, fume/vapour inhalation for respiratory irritation? Remember to update existing assessments. Do you know which products contain nut oils? Don’t forget that some of your clients and your Therapists may have nut allergies.
  • Maintenance of equipment – are these in good repair and checks up to date? Have staff been trained on new equipment and use them proficiently. Will any increase in usage require more Therapists to be trained?
  • Water Quality – with increase use of pools and Jacuzzi’s have you thought about how to maintain the water quality? Ensure that the water quality meets the national guidance at all times. Review your water risk assessments and emergency plans.
  • Have you sufficient towels – if you have an onsite laundry then these can be easy to clean, however if you contract these out- how will you cope with the increase in numbers
  • Special Needs – with the focus on providing treatments for people with disabilities and that those undergoing cancer treatment are Therapists specifically trained to work with people who fall into these user group categories. Have reasonable adjustments been made for persons in wheel chairs?
  • Crisis Management – are your business continuity plans up to date e.g. telephone numbers, named personnel with particular functions for emergency events.
  • Insurance Cover – are you covered for any new treatments or for clients undergoing cancer treatments with special needs or undergoing medical treatments?
  • Additional therapists – are you using agency staff? Have they been inducted? Are the trained in your emergency procedures? Do they have the right qualifications for treatments being offered? Don’t rely on the agencies; ensure you have a robust system in place to verify suitability and competence.
  • Increased stock levels – do you have adequate storage space? Are you creating any additional hazards e.g increased manual handling, additional fire safety hazards?
  • Daily checks – are these in place and being carried out correctly? Have you provided training to the individuals responsible for any checks? Is this documented? Don’t let busier periods lead to a decline in standards or documentation.

The above list is not exhaustive but it will help ensure that you have a well managed spa which will benefit effortlessly from the increased business that National Spa Week will introduce.

For further information and or assistance please email or telephone 02072911166

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