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DNA Profiling identified I had a missing ‘marker’; CYP1A2 - the one responsible for producing collagen…… argggghh!!

Not only was I missing that ‘strand’ but I also learnt that TERT (one of five telomere markers) showed a shorter arm length than someone else of my biological age. Stick with me, I won’t lose you in the science I promise.

But it wasn’t all bad, far from it. I also learnt and with some relief having spent my younger years bearing my infant skin to direct sunlight on the beaches of the West Country as a child that the marker for producing melanin, MCIR was given a grade of G/G which according Vanessa, the Geneticist who walked me through my skin profiling results,  said is super good.  

The result of this meant I can take a greater amount of direct sun into my skin with a low and limiting risk of developing a melanoma. This news came something of a relief as at 46 I’ve noticed several odd lumps and bumps scattered about my torso which I had convinced myself were cancerous. is no longer my friend, however www. is!

In fact, my recent two-hour call with Vanessa highlighted many insights into my skin’s functionality and performance.  With further enquiry and explanation, it quickly became clear why spending fortunes on creams with Q10 for example hadn’t made a blind bit of difference to its appearance and for good reason.  My grade C/C for marker NQ01 highlighted that no matter what quantity or quality of Q10 I used, my DNA is underperforming in converting it to something useful, although I consider myself not as unfortunate to someone with a T/T grade where it’s impossible to store & convert Q10 into any skin health benefit.  

Although not entirely all doom and gloom, because what nature took away from me with one hand (or should that be arm?!) she replaced with the other as I have higher than average DNA function in responding to Vitamin A, C & E which are easy to increase into both my skincare and diet.  

One incredible fact I learnt from going through this process is how to increase Vitamin D during the most critical months of year, winter.  Vanessa took great glee in telling me that mushrooms have a similar skin structure to human skin and if left in the sunlight for 30 minutes ahead of cooking they will provide 200% of the required daily intake of Vitamin D…. AND the nutrients aren’t lost when they are cooked and digested.  Boom!  Guess what I’m building into every evening meal, much to my 10-year-old sons delight… the fungi’s of the dinner plate, mushrooms.

I learnt so much from getting my skin analysed in this way as there can be no better way of knowing how best to take care of our largest organ than treating from the inside out with ingredients it will respond to.  

Fact or Fiction? Can testing 24,000 DNA strands with 30 years of research behind it do anything other than provide unarguable facts?  I woud say so! Investing in the £268 fee to get this test completed was so insightful with detailed results and all provided in a beautiful hard backed coffee table style personalised DNA Book, all included in the test fee.

From start to finish the entire process took less than 4 weeks.



Would I consider testing my DNA for other markers that might enhance my level of wellness? Absolutely!  On a diet of mushrooms and a few other plant based ingredients (another story for another time…) I should save enough money in the next few months to undertake the test, which are in part about taking responsibility for our own destiny and enhancing the quality of the lives we lead in doing so.

If you’ve managed to make this far into the article, don’t give up here; continue and let the words of the Geneticist at Pure Genetic Lifestyle inspire you too:



Beauty comes from within with a unique beauty concept based on your DNA

Pure Beauty Analysis; a programme providing 100% tailor made skincare based on your DNA.

Ageing of the skin has a variety of causes. Certain environmental influences such as UV radiation and the lack of supply of nutrients play an important role. Still, there are some who seem to age faster or slower, even while leading the same lifestyle. There are significant personal differences from person to person, and these differences are in their genes.

Every person comes equipped with genes that should protect them from accelerated ageing processes. Unfortunately, frequently occurring errors in these genes, so-called gene variants, interfere with their function, which leads to an acceleration of one or more factors of ageing.

The Pure Genetic Lifestyle Beauty Analysis analyses the status of these protective genes and provides identification of the personal genetic strengths and weaknesses.

Based on your unique genetic analysis result, a personalized beauty programme is generated. Your genetic analysis tells us which substances your skin requires and at what level of dosage.

The following key factors of skin ageing are examined based on your genetic profile:

  • • Collagen breakdown
  • • Collagen production
  • • UV protection of the skin
  • • Skin hydration
  • • Oxidative stress
  • • The effect of Q10
  • • Your selenium requirement
  • • Inflammatory reactions
  • • Your biological age
  • • The solution

Science has currently identified over 30 genetic variations that influence more than 80 different factors of ageing skin. Through the beauty analysis, you can find out what to do about them.

Pure DNA Beauty products

Alongside Pure Beauty Analysis, Pure Genetic Lifestyle is also introducing Pure DNA Beauty; 100% Personalized Products from the outside and Pure DNA Complete, 100% Personalized Supplements from the inside.

The Pure Genetic Lifestyle range of supplements and skincare products supply the nutrients your body needs in the right way, either through your skin or orally. They include:

  • • Pure DNA Beauty Serum Day
  • • Pure DNA Beauty Serum Night
  • • Pure DNA Beauty Lotion
  • • Pure DNA Complete (vitamins and minerals)

Some micronutrients are effective when applied to the skin in the form of a cream or serum, whereas others are not. Therefore it is necessary for them to be absorbed through diet, enabling the blood circulation to transport the required micronutrients to the skin from the inside.

Using the micro transporter technology of Pure DNA Complete, the nutrients are slowly and continuously released from the intestine throughout the entire day. This ensures that you are supplied with the right amount of nutrients all day long.

The Pure Beauty products are tailor-made specifically for you, according to the unique formula based on your genetic profile. This way you obtain exactly the substances that your skin needs in exactly the right dosage.


Pure Genetic Lifestyle (PGL) is the future for everyone who wants to lead a healthier and longer life, providing genetic analyses based on DNA research for disease prevention, healthy nutrition, vitality, weight management, sport performance and medication.

The results are 100% personal and scientifically proven.

The Beauty Analysis and products will be available online via and through our authorized partners. The price of the Beauty Analysis is £268 with the option of an annual subscription plan available for £3.49 a day and packages.  The annual subscription plan includes the Beauty Analysis and the Pure Beauty Serum Day 100ml & Pure Beauty Serum Night 100ml sent to you every three months for one year!

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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