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Apprentices meeting the Skills Deficit


Recruiting skilled therapists trained to the standards required to cover at least 90% of the treatments advertised on your Spa menu is difficult today.

Have you ever hired a member of staff and not had to train them on the treatments you deliver, or need to send them on training?

This is all time consuming, expensive and no guarantees the member of staff will stay with you indefinably.

The National Apprenticeship

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Spa-thers Day

fathers day uksa

Treatments for men are being offering more as a feature in spa menu’s and treatment rooms today. Male themed treatments are promoted around Father’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas. 

Men go to a spa, for different reasons than women, and most men don’t feel especially drawn to the idea of ‘pampering’.

Spa treatments for men should be clearly described with details of the treatment which focus on its physical effect and benefits. 

Whilst men appreciate when their skin feels good and their muscles feel relieved of pain they need to know from the start this will be the outcome.

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8 Steps to Effective Management


Keeping valued team members must be a top priority for any spa business planning to succeed over the long term. The fifth most important factor for why employees stay with an organization is money, so how do we keep our team motivated and enjoying their jobs.

Recognition is free, give it out when appropriate as it can raise the bar with your team. Another level of recognition is getting your company's Executive Team involved. Recognition coming from the 'Executive' level has a very positive impact on your employees as it lets them know that they are being watched and attention is being given.

This kind of recognition makes us all stand a bit taller. Memos and voicemails coming from the 'Executive' level stand out. This also allows you as the manger to ensure that upper management is kept abreast of the achievements your team are making for the overall success of the business... To add yet another level of stimulation, have an executive either personally call to congratulate someone (or a group) or even show up in person to shake hands and express his or her appreciation. 

On-the-Spot Praise. This too is associated with recognition but the key here is timing. When there is a reason for praising someone don't put it off for any reason! Promptness equals effectiveness. Praise people when the achievement is fresh on everyone's mind. What is effective is for us to pay attention, watch for accomplishments and go out and tell whoever it is what a great service they gave or applaud them for going above and beyond to serve the guest...praise them promptly for what they accomplished or achieved! Don't allow time to creep in and snatch away any ounce of the positive impact that praise can have when it is delivered promptly. 

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