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Wellness Retreats, are trending what could you learn from them?

A wellness retreat is a special kind of getaway - not quite a vacation, not quite an adventure, and yet likely the most rewarding getaway you’ll ever give yourself. Because that’s exactly what a wellness retreat is - a gift to yourself, a chance to up the ante on your mental and spiritual well-being.

Going on a wellness retreat takes you out of your everyday life in a way just about nothing else can. You can choose your degree of removal, but often the best way to get the most out of the experience is to completely unplug - leave the job behind, shut down your technology, and allow yourself to simply BE.

Here are reasons to even consider this kind of getaway in the first place.

Taking Time for Yourself

Image credit appleyoga (Katy Appleton Retreats)

 uksa image2

To some this can seem selfish, to

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The future of Health and Wellbeing is in our own hands

Why do we need to start taking care of ourselves?

christine uksa

Welcome to the busiest and most demanding time of our lives where every day brings additional new challenges, stresses and strains!

 We are now connected to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The internet, smartphone technology, and social media have created an ability to compete and respond instantaneously, but the downside to this is that it means we are all ‘always on’.

There is so much information out there – more than at any other time in human history – and all of it is easily accessed by the touch of a phone screen wherever we happen to be. Each day our minds are bombarded with thousands of images and an immeasurable amount of information is being absorbed by our brains.

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World Wellness Weekend

world wellness weekend

The weekend of 22nd and 23rd September was World Wellness weekend, celebrated in over 80 countries around the world. A number of spas, beauty salons, suppliers and industry experts joined in the celebrations this year. Here is a taste of what was on offer this week across the country.

The Cafe Royal did it in style, with Akasha Wellness Weekend. Offering a number of complimentary group sessions. Join our trusted resident wellbeing experts and tutors from Aromatherapy Associates in a number of sessions dedicated to nourishing mind, body and soul.

Shakti Veda Spa London offered a “How to abhyanga massage” via Instagram if you were not able to visit them in the spa for a treatment.

The Balmoral in Edinburgh in collaboration with Tribe Yoga offered three yoga classes over the weekend, to revive yourself post yoga you were treated to smoothie and energy ball.

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Salon & Spa Networking Lunch launches at Professional Beauty North

pb north

On Sunday 21st October, Professional Beauty North will host a dedicated forum for salon and spa professionals to discuss business challenges and share solutions among like-minded colleagues, industry experts and leading brands.

New for 2018, the initiative will take place alongside the leading beauty and spa exhibition at Manchester Central, aiming to help professionals in the industry to improve their businesses through collaborative discussion and problem-solving.

Salon and spa owners and managers, as well as sole traders, are invited to put business-related challenges and questions to the experts in a round-table discussion format. Key topics will include:

Staff management – recruiting and retaining the best talent

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Bridal skincare treatments

Whether it’s a last-minute pamper in the run-up to the big day or a series of targeted treatments to get the glowing skin for the photos, brides are a bath beauty cucumber 3192fantastic audience to target when it comes to skincare treatments, as often women feel more able to invest in premium skincare ahead of their wedding day than at any other time. Here’s how to capture that demographic according to wedding experts Guides for Brides.

Know your timeframes

As brides are working to a specific countdown to their day, it’s important that you’re aware of the date and what can be achieved in that time. Don’t recommend intensive treatments or facials too close to the day in case of adverse reactions, and be clear and realistic with the bride if she’s looking for targeted results such as fine line or rosacea reduction ahead of the wedding.

Upsell a series

Speaking of targeted treatments, brides are the perfect audience to sell a series to, especially if they start planning in advance. Treatments like microdermabrasion, laser facials and peels work best in a series and are likely to be the kind of thing that brides are after anyway, so use this as an upselling opportunity.

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National Spa Week – Who’s got your back?

Hygen                                                             Are you Prepared for National Spa Week Guidance


National Spa Week – Who’s got your back?

10th -17th September

Are you ready to benefit from the message of National Spa Week – “more people into more spas more often” A fabulous objective for the industry but what about the practicalities of more people in your spa?

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Summer holidays …

uksa newsletter beach

For many, travel is all about experiencing other cultures, understanding different traditions and learning about a country's rich historical tapestry. It's about throwing yourself out of your comfort zone, exposing your senses to new sights, smells and sounds, and really getting beneath the skin of a place.

Yes, yes that's all well and good, thank you very much, you might be thinking — but what if you just want to head to the sun and partake in some serious self-indulgence? What's so wrong with wanting to lie on a pristine white sand beach, swim in a crystal-clear ocean and head to the spa to be preened and pampered to within an inch of your life?

Nothing at all, we say. Nothing. At. All.

When I return from holiday I often find myself inspired by what I have experienced and seen. One of my most memorable experiences was visiting Six Senses Yao Noi in 2012. My biggest take away from this holiday was the concept of ‘new luxury’. We spend so much of our energy and our lives in the act of doing, chores, tasks, work and those all-consuming emails. We never have a moment of quietude with the 24-hour news cycle, social media and the extended workday due to constant accessibility. At Six Senses there is a real sense of coming back to the centre, switching off and reconnecting with family and loved ones without the distractions listed above. Enjoying the simple life, albeit in the surroundings of absolute luxury, carved out in a natural and understated setting.

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Lavish believe B2B market key to increased spa bookings


The Lavish spa voucher brand has relaunched with a new look and new ownership and is already helping to increase bookings for their spa partners. Working with a range of properties across the UK, Lavish believes that spas can see real success by not only looking at a consumer audience, but by also targeting deals and awareness into the business market, namely through employee engagement and ‘perk’ platfoms. 

These platforms allow employers to offer employees subscribed to its platform a range of perks, including things like free phone insurance, cinema tickets, and 2 for 1 meal deals when eating out – and spa vouchers through Lavish. 

The spa sector is of interest to employers as employee wellbeing has become marked in importance for many employers. A recent CIPD report showed that two-fifths of employers have a standalone well-being strategy and over half agree that employee well-being is on senior leaders’ agendas. Positive results include boosted employee morale and engagement (44%), a healthier and more inclusive culture (35%) and lower sickness absence (31%) to name just a few. 

The platforms account for an audience for Lavish of over 15 million employees and include platforms such as WeGift, Edenred and Reward Gateway, used by some of the biggest businesses in the World. Lavish believes this opens up a whole new audience for spas and beauty businesses. 

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Wellness Collective Events – Spa Networking Experiences With A Difference


Max Laurence-Gutteridge reflects on his passion for the spa and wellness industry and the journey that led him to create Wellness Collective Events.

IMG_2069.JPGThroughout my childhood I always wanted to be a Paramedic. The idea of helping people, the fast paced environment, and the opportunity to help save lives was very appealing. 

However, as many of us do, I actually ended up leaving school and heading off to college to study something entirely different. In my case it was business management and event production.

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Keeping Your Cool In The Heatwave!

uksa aug 2018 c

Oh yay! It’s summer and yes, it’s oh so hot! Summer is funtime as we get to play outdoors, take a vacation, dig our toes into the sand and enjoy the coolness of a pool, pond or river.

With British summers being the hottest on record we need to find ways to keep cool at home. I have a few tips that I have adapted from the spa industry:

  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Your body is about 60% water. So keep drinking. Toss a little fruit slice in for some added flavour. My current favourite is a few mint leaves, a dash of lime or a slice of lemon with ice.

Keep the children topping up on water throughout the day. We have had fun making different flavoured ice cubes in fun shapes.

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From Therapist to Spa Manager in Five Years Hannah Swindells of Shrigley Hall tells her inspirational story…

uksa aug 2018a uksa aug 2018 b


What made you want to work in the industry? What route did you take in?

Strange as it may seem, from being very young I always wanted to be a chef.  All throughout my education I dedicated most of my time to that career path, since starting to work at the age of 13 in a quaint farm owned Cheshire tearoom. I even went on to do further work experience at a highly reputable Cheshire restaurant.

In my teens, I was so eager to get out into the food industry and work, but it was only when I went to the prospective college ‘show arounds’ that I had a change of heart. It was a discussion with one of the beauty tutors at the college that changed my mind. I could see where a career in spa & beauty could take me, and how I could develop within an industry with great potential for progression and growth and a huge variety of different routes in.

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Training never looked so good

uksa sug 2018 

Have you ever thought about using apprenticeships to train and upskill your staff?

Why are apprenticeships important?

An apprenticeship is an excellent alternative to traditional training. It not only offers the chance to ‘earn while you learn’, but it is also a more practical approach to learning. By offering your staff the chance to undertake an apprenticeship, they’ll not only be able to upskill within the comfort and capacity of your business, they will also be able to implement the theory they learn immediately whilst working.

How they work?

Apprenticeships are open to people of all ages and different stages of a career. There are different levels available to suit the needs of an individual learner, for example, Beauty Therapy Level 2 & 3 or Nails Level 2 & 3. There are also Professional Apprenticeships on offer, namely, Customer Service or Team Leading and Supervising courses.

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How spas are changing in 2018

uksa aug 2018

Over the past 10 years the spa industry has changed, and so too has our collective attitude towards health and wellbeing.  In 2018, health is as fashionable as the Kardashians, and with that exposure has come a new appreciation of the many guises and components that can contribute towards meaningful, everyday wellbeing.

This year, more than any other, we have seen the rise of the personal wellness trend.  Where once we lived in a culture of bulk buying and throwaway style, the appreciation for investment in ourselves is now far greater, and that extends to health. From our face creams to our internal monologue, this is the year that has seen the rise of quality over quantity, as well as the understanding that health has an abundance of elements to it, from diet, nutrition and exercise, to meditation and even a little indulgence.

At the 2018 Global Wellness Summit, that trend will be galvanized with the year’s theme set as 'shaping the business of wellness’ - how the spa industry can support that growing interest and seismic shift in the collective desire for wellbeing.  Keynotes, panels and roundtables will see delegates discuss beauty, healthy eating, wellness tourism, fitness/mind-body, preventive/personalized medicine, complementary/alternative medicine, wellness lifestyle real estate, the spa industry, the thermal/mineral springs market and workplace wellness.

On social media, wellbeing is now in vogue, and a changing corporate culture [] dictates that increasingly there is an understanding in big businesses that a balanced lifestyle leads to a more productive and long-lasting workforce.  The result is that despite our increasingly hectic lifestyles and lack of work/life boundaries, we no longer separate health from the rest of our lives in the way that we used to. Indeed, we’re getting to a space where we can see being healthy as something synonymous with enjoying ourselves and feeling good, rather than a space associated with deprivation.

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If you haven’t got involved in National Spa Week yet then you need to get your skates on – or else risk missing out on leveraging what promises to be a huge amount of national and regional media coverage on the subjects of spa and wellness over the coming weeks in the run up to National Spa Week itself (10th – 17th September).

The media launch event was very kindly hosted by and held at the stunning Corinthia Hotel & Spa in London, (Wednesday July 25th,), as they are perfectly located on the doorstep of the press community, which helped make it as easy as possible for journalists to attend. And of course – what a beautiful spa to exhibit what the spa industry has to offer!

For anyone who doesn’t know, the purpose of holding a press launch is to get all the key consumer and/or trade publications, and influential journalists together in one place so that you can have quality ‘face time’ to properly showcase your new product, service, idea or whatever it is you are wanting to generate interest about. It’s helpful to aid coverage of press releases that you might be issuing, if journalists are already aware of you.

Journalists’ time is immensely precious and so it is testament to the compelling story we have behind National Spa Week and ‘Celebrating Spa’ that an unprecedented 50 or so journalists turned up to find out about our plans for the week.

Of course there is never any 100% guarantee, but were are extremely hopeful that we will now start being able to position our spas as real, practical solutions and centres of wellness excellence for combating many of the UK’s lifestyle health issues (stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, digital overload, etc.) and get the industry well and truly up on that public agenda!

So, if you are a spa operator make sure you’ve got in touch with the, the official booking partner for National Spa Week, to confirm your special National Spa Week package or deal, and if you are a spa supplier, make sure you’ve got some BIG COMMUNICATIONS plans to make the most of the fact that spa and wellness is going to be top of the UK publics collective mind over the next six weeks!
Finally a huge thank you from us all here at the UK Spa Association to our wonderful National Spa Week partners and Lumity Life, for their support and help in making all this happen for us all this year, and of course to Aysun Mut and her team at the Corinthia Hotel & Spa for letting us use their superb facilities for the event. 
Written by Lisa Barden – Vice Chair, UKSA

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Industry Needs

uksa july 10

In this time of industry crisis every spa/salon and mobile company are vying for staff and we are now in a unique position where for once the therapist has the upper hand in the industry.

Therapists are able to choose the pick of several roles being offered by multiple brands and companies , for employers you are fighting for the best staff but are nervous that they will not stay or that they will be poached or lured away by better pay/benefits etc.

The industry needs to change the approach to staff investment in a big way otherwise there will be no therapists to fill the hundreds of roles still vacant, so what can you do?

Traditionally college’s leavers/graduates were shunned deemed not good enough to provide the necessary service and skill to the employer or client therefore being a hassle and actually costing a company money instead of making it - but really what is the cost of that now?

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Keeping Our Industry Spa Therapists Healthy - The Commission Model

uksa july 9

It’s strange how things work out. I have been qualified for 20 years in Beauty Therapy and also hold a degree in teaching, but I can honestly say every experience I have had throughout my career has brought me to the point that I am at now; owner of two spas with very different, yet complementary business models.

Anyone who has worked within the spa industry for a long time knows that recruitment is the one thing that presents the most challenges.  So when I started both my businesses last year I knew that, especially for spa businesses, I would have to think carefully about how to manage the situation.

However, the thing that I lacked most was time …..A common story I know!

My therapy business in Hayle had been up and running for just eight weeks when we were approached to look after the management of the treatment rooms at Una resort. I had done all the ground work setting up one business so felt that by simply mirroring what we had already done we could achieve the management of both.

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National Spa Weeks & Lumity Life: A match made in heaven


uksa july 3

You don’t have to go far to discover that our modern lives are now busier and more stressful than ever. With so much going on in everyone’s everyday lives, it’s key to remember, there’s always time to relax. That’s why National Spa Week is so important and our key sponsors, and Lumity Life agree., our official spa partner and Lumity Life, our official product partner have teamed up to ensure that the UK takes a moment to relax and unwind. Of course, with their spa retreats relaxation packages, this is something that have been doing for a while. We’re here today to talk about the benefits of our product partner, Lumity.

Lumity all started when its founders noticed the all-too-familiar signs of stress and fatigue both inside and outside. They began to think more deeply about just what it is the body needs to grow older and wiser whilst still staying youthful and energetic.

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WSAW Trade Associations


How can spas get involved with industry associations and why is it something they should consider? What are the main benefits, for their business and for the industry? 

Trade Associations are non-profit organisations that unite small, private and independent industry competitors together, making many little voices into one big ‘shout’.

Trade Associations are trusted and central to an industry and uniquely able to provide a wide range of information and services to the industry that individual and often competing business could not or would not do, including collecting sensitive information for statistic or benchmarking reports or implementing codes of conduct.

Made up of representatives from private business with extensive knowledge of their shared industry, Trade Associations communicate a collective view to a range of interested stakeholders including government departments, agencies, regulators, media and other key opinion formers. They know the issues moving up the agenda of the policy makers early enough to take a communal stand should national, regional or local legislation threaten to harm small businesses. Equally, they can also help identify any emerging issues and develop solutions to problems.

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The Secrets of Client Attraction


Press Article

Guild News

March 2018

Adam Chatterley, on behalf of the UK Spa Association, writes about his four secrets to getting ALL the clients you'll ever need!

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The benefits of Infrared Sauna for Detoxification



Julia Leone, writing on behalf of the
UK Spa Association, discusses the benefits of Infrared Sauna for Detoxification

What is an Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna is a therapy for detoxification, healing and is also an alternative health option, which benefits the body in more natural and organic ways.

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