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Preparing Your Skin for Summer Time

prep skin for summer uksa blog

Combining Treatments for your clients is a benefit to the spa and also the clients’ relaxation is essential in everyday life whether it is a relaxing 30 minutes with a book or catching time to spend on yourself.

Preparing for spring it’s essential to look at how we can improve the texture of our skin after winter.

Body exfoliation

A scrub or body polish weather it is a salt or a sugar scrub is an exfoliator which leaves the skin feeling fresh, smooth, and after being moisturized feels so nice. As we come out of our winter clothes and expose areas of the body which have been wrapped up to keep warm we need to exfoliate all the dead skin cells away with an abrasive product which is massaged  across and into your skin. When rinsed away reveals a moisturized layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin.

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The rise of the Sophisticated Hen. How to cater for Hen Parties.

hen party uksa blog hen party uksa blog 1

Hen parties visiting spas is nothing new, but in recent years, there’s been a real trend towards the sophisticated hen party - which can translate into huge gains for spa businesses if they cater for these groups accordingly. As an online wedding planning resource for thousands of brides each year, Guides for Brides have a great insight into what brides are looking for in their hen party spa break, and how (and why) spas should be catering to this customer.

In 2017, Blue Chip Holidays polled over 2,065 brides, bridesmaids and anyone attending a hen weekend in the coming year, and asked: “Would you rather go to a classy or tacky hen party?” A huge 85% of respondents said they’d prefer classy. Of that group, 31% percent specifically cited that they wanted to be pampered at a hen.

Our own data supports this - since January, Guides for Brides had over 28,500 page views from brides and bridesmaids on our listed spas, and we expect this number to only increase as hen party planning season gets underway.

Not only is the demand for a sophisticated, pampering hen party there, but so is the capital. According to a survey by Banana Moon, the average hen party spend in 2017 was £507 per person, which reflects the move towards more luxury activities and accommodation. Take into account that the average hen party group is made up of 13 people, and you’re looking at a lucrative demographic.

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Lifehouse Spa & Hotel leads the way with Alzheimer’s Society to deliver 'Dementia Friend' training to entire staff

lifehouse demetia

Lifehouse Spa & Hotel is proud to announce it has collaborated with the Alzheimer’s Society to offer Dementia Friend Information Sessions to the entire Lifehouse staff so that they are able to provide a high level of service for guests living with dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Dementia Friends’ is the biggest ever initiative to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about dementia. Becoming a Dementia Friend simply means finding out more about how dementia affects a person – and then, armed with this understanding, doing small everyday things that help.

The initial batch of Information Sessions were delivered to over 50% of the Lifehouse workforce in the last quarter of 2017, with staff from all departments getting involved. The remainder will then be carried out in early 2018 to ensure all members of staff are better equipped to welcome guests with dementia to Lifehouse. This will also allow carers to feel more relaxed, knowing that their loved one is being well looked after during their visit to the hotel & spa.

Once all Lifehouse team members have received the Dementia Friend Information Sessions, the company will then identify actions they can take as, as part of the local Dementia Action Alliance, making simple changes based on what is known to be important to people affected by dementia and will truly change their experience. 

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The future of beauty at Europe’s favorite beauty business event



The Natural Beauty & Spa Show is back with another helping of the best natural and organic beauty innovations the industry has to offer.  Featuring over 250 personal care and cosmetic brands, and a dynamic seminar programme full of beauty pioneers and experts – there’s plenty for retailers and buyers looking to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market.  


Register for your free trade ticket today – quote priority code: NPEB49

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Why Be A Member of the UK Spa Association?


You are a spa manager.

You juggle the daily responsibilites of managing a booking system, therapist rotas, spa set up, financial reporting and administration, marketing and sales strategies, training and recruitment, memberships, developing new treatments... all the while trying to deliver the ideal guest experience AND grow your business, and yet nobody actually knows what you do!

Sound familiar?

Our spa operator members tell us it’s because of these very challenges that they join the UK Spa Association (UKSA).

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Don’t underestimate the power of facial massage

Beata Full portait copyA good facial massage can allow your face to breathe and restore the sparkle and colour.  We do tend to overlook the face when talking about massage.  Facial massaging will boost blood circulation, firm skin and tone the muscles while also encouraging the flow of lymph and releasing endorphins - the hormone of joy.  It can slow down the ageing process and bring about a real relaxation. So why go under the knife when there are other ways to achieve the similar results!

We tent to think about massage as a part of beauty treatment procedures, but good face massage can bring much than that!There are hundreds nerve points on the face and according to Chinese medicine these relate to each body’s organs. So massaging your face can affect positively your whole body. 

We ‘face’ the world every day from the moment we wake until we retire. Think of all those phrases ‘face the facts’, ‘put on a brave face’, ‘talk face to face’ all ways we deliver our messages. Our face can be under lots of stress as a result of that. We hold our emotions there but also face can be affected by the profession we do.

For example teachers, speakers, actors will usually have quite tense face muscles especially around the jaw. Lack of sleep will affect our face, tension in shoulders or neck will definitely leave the mark on the face. Headaches both chronic and occasional will tense the fascia, creating even more pressure hence more headaches. We could go on and on.

There is also touch element in it which we all need so much. We know that massage is hugely popular in the spa and there is a reason for it. People are craving connection. They crave the power of touch.

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SOFRI Energy Cosmetics is a perfect combination of cosmeceutical products with a holistic concept of Colour Energy.

SOFRI has discovered the beautifying, energising effects of colours on body, mind and spirit for holistic cosmetology, and building on from that has created a unique care system of 7 colours based on chakra teachings.

The Colour Energy concept by SOFRI not only touches and beautifies your skin, but also the very core of you. Premium quality nourishing compositions use colour energy against emotional stress, release blockages, increase energy levels and your zest for life.

Chakra teachings observe and understand the individual holistically – physiologically, psychologically and energetically. If there is disharmony in chakras (energy centres along the centre axis of the body), this is usually evident on skin. Here, colours are able to balance out these energy deficits in the chakras.

The products are combined with each other in a colour mosaic – to match your individual treatment requirements.

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Sneak behind the scenes


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Sunshine and cupcakes at the Lifehouse Spa & Hotel Summer Networking Event - July 5th 2017

What a fantastic event today has been! For the first time ever the networking event was officially sold out, although we worked hard to fit everyone in. We couldn't have wished for better weather and as a result most of the networking took place outside - overlooking the stunning lakes and gardens surrounding the equally spectacular and award winning Lifehouse Spa itself.


Located in Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex, 10 minutes’ drive from the pretty beach town of Frinton-on-sea, the Lifehouse Spa & Hotel is an exciting, contemporary health spa, offering a unique, life-enriching experience, tailor-made for every guest. They were perfect hosts and spoiled us with divine cuisine including some scrumptious cupcakes!



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